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Dr Linda Wilson - Mindflow Mentor

Sick of feeling STUCK? As a Coach I help you harness your thinking and focus your action. It takes support to conceptualise and live a more successful life. A life that is a true reflection of your values and beliefs, a life that serves you.

Identifying your unique version and vision of success keeps you motivated and committed to achieving the goals most important to you. This is what I support you to do. 

In a complimentary session you will learn how we are neurologically designed to play it safe.  Resistance to change and failures from the past are explained. Our natural 'wiring' makes growth difficult and habits hard to break. I show you how to make change simple using the latest brain based research. 

All workshops and presentations take a balanced and wholistic approach to success. My 20 yrs experience and focusing on your individual neurology will create a clear, focused and actionable plan for a happy, balanced and successful life.

Attendees to any of my workshops or coaching programs will:

1. Create Accelerated Movement towards SUCCESS and WELLBEING

2. Understand what Failure really means
3. Break the 3 Anchors of Procrastination

4. Increase belief, expectation and achievement through Goal Reframing

5. Recognise the Negative Magnetism of the Past
6. Understand you have up to 60,000 Opportunities to Change every day

7. Draw on a Compelling Vision of the future to use right now

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” - Rumi

“We are incapable of absorbing new experiences and ideas without challenging our existing beliefs.” - Dr. Linda Wilson

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Fresh Profile

  • The services I provide are:

    My introductory catchup starts with a 30 - 45 min presentation.  I establish what your needs might be and then introduce you to the appropriate program.

    CHOOSE - 6 - 12 month coaching programs, shorter workshops, bite sized training or bespoke programs for health, wellness and success.

    The YB 12 coaching program (Classic) is a 13 session deep dive into creation, implementation and achievement of your goals. For many people goal setting is either completely uninspiring or overwhelming. Let me show you an exciting and achievable way to create goals. You will finally understand why you might have failed in the past and walk forward into the best 12 months of your life.

    The 6 - 12 month Sum Sanos program is a life changing habits intervention program based on the research of Dr Gina Cleo. Receiving world wide acclaim it has helped people achieve permanent, long lasting and continuous change. Combine Dr Cleo's work with my 20 yrs experience in emotional management, and you will have all you need to SUCCEED. Manage habits around weight, movement or nourishment and move on from bad habit drama. Tools within this program can be used to change any negative habit. 

    The two 1/2 day Total Focus program is for any business owner, individual or team to balance the personal and professional. This program has a 90 day challenge attached. Invite me house or join a group. Dip your toe into dramatic change. 

    My bespoke Create Consciousness programs are designed to activate wellness thinking within the work place environment. I help participants identify where they are lack balance. With thought provoking questions and some FUN psycho sensory experiences you will be enthused to try out your new skills.

    Get in touch to find out more.

  • How I can help Fresh members:

    I can help FRESH members by providing them with some thought provoking information about how to step up and out with more focus enthusiasm and confidence than ever before. You will learn how to harness your mind, understand why you do what you do and how to keep moving forward without the fear or procrastination usually associated with change. 

    If you or your associates are looking for tools, techniques and coaching support to regain energy and momentum I  have the skills and experience to work one on one or in a group setting with them. Feel free to pass on my details for a no obligation chat. 

    Get CLEAR, make a PLAN, take ACTION and IMPLEMENT with my support and guidance.

  • The main business categories in my network are:

    Allied health and wellness, Coaching, Personal development, Business Development and Learning, Systems and Processes for Business.

  • My target market is:

    Businesses of up to 20 with a growth focused outlook who understand that happy teams make business great. They value and respect their people and want to support them to become happier and more efficient and engaged team members. They recognise that providing personal growth and development training in the workplace retains the most valuable assets ( people!) They are prepared to invest in them.

    Individuals who have been identified as requiring additional support and require a framework and program for growth.

    Business owners who wish to reassess their goals, values and vision for themselves personally or for their business as a whole.

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