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Personal Profile

Construction Management and Interior Design should be a smooth and enjoyable process however is often quite a rocky road to navigate.  We help you through your build by utilising years of experience to ensure it is organised, honest, on time and within budget.

After working as a construction manager for Builders and Developers in Melbourne’s leafy suburbs for over 18 years building up-market townhouses and luxury mansions, Emily Potter saw a gap in the market for an experienced project management service to purely look after property owners’ interests.  

Build Fresh is 100% independent of builders, designers and industry consultants to ensure we find the right professional for the right job.  We have a strict 0% kickback policy and quote a fixed fee directly to the Owner upfront with no nasty surprises.  Projects with Build Fresh are almost always cheaper in the long run than when people find their own builder and designer and we pride ourselves on our reputation for being great operators, well organised and above all honest in the building industry.

Build Fresh was created to assist property owners and developers to make the right decision every time to engage the right designer, right builder and to ensure and oversee the quality, budget and time.  This in turn creates better quality projects with great cost savings, greater budget control and ultimately peace of mind and an enjoyable process for the property owner.

Fresh Profile

  • The services I provide are:
    • Building and Renovating
    • Quality, budget and time control
    • Project Management
    • Builders, Architects, Draftsman, Engineers & other consultants
    • Domestic Construction
    • Property Development
    • Increase property value for sale or return on investment
    • Interior Design
    • Landscape design & construction
    • Plans, planning, advice
    • Unit developments
    • Tradesmen and Materials
    • Communications  
    • Furniture & interior styling 
    • Commercial or Retail fit outs
    • Commerical Project Management
    • Dispute resolution and Building Advice
  • How I can help Fresh members:

    It takes thousands of people to build a house when you consider each supplier and trade is a separate business with staff, contacts, family and connections.  As I work on many building sites, I am exposed to a wide variety of people.  I’m always listing for people who need referrals and I am very vocally proud of the Fresh Community.  

  • The main business categories in my network are:
    • Domestic Builders
    • Architects
    • Property Stylists
    • Kitchen & Bathroom builders
    • Drafting Services
    • Property Advocates
    • Real Estate Personel
    • Valuers
    • Tradesmen
    • Retail fit outs
    • Commercial Builders
    •  Material suppliers
    • International business people.
  • My target market is:

    My target market is any person who wants to build, renovate or property develop who would like professional assistance to source and oversee the building process.

    Time poor people who want someone independant they can trust to organise and oversee their design and build with their best interests at heart.

    Property owners who would like to add value to their properties through quality building and renovation services.  Experienced advice on what is necessary to add value to properties and what is non-essential.

    People who would like to develop townhouses but do not have experience greatly benefit from my project managment skills saving time, money and hassle whilst ensuring quality control and great outcomes.

    Overseas residents and Australians living overseas greatly benefit from having an independant Project Manager oversee their Owner requirements and Builder on their behalf. 


  • Tom Hals

    Emily has been great to work with. Not only does she posses a wealth of knowledge about the construction industry, she is also well connected and finds the right people for the right job. I have worked with her on a residential extension and everything has gone very smoothly.

  • Laura Litcanu

    I am working with Emily at Build Fresh on 3 projects and I was impressed with the amount of time and dedication she offers each client, with her being very much in control of the projects she manages and always knowing someone to assist in each case. As one of the consultants she engages for the projects, I can say that I felt I was given the right amount of flexibility and trust in line with my experience and skills and that she knows how to appreciate the effort put in.

  • Claire Parkes

    This woman is fantastic! As a property advocate acting on behalf of clients looking to both purchase and sell real estate in Melbourne, it is awesome to have someone like Emily to refer them to for all building and renovation needs. Each client I have referred her to has chosen to go forth with her assistance in designing and managing renovations and no wonder, as she really does know it all. Her knowledge and expertise around local councils, contractors and the like is second to none and above all she is a pleasure to deal with. I look forward to referring her to clients in the future and continuing to offer her name to anyone looking for advice in this space. Thanks Em!

  • Andrew Aitken

    Through Fresh Networking I've had the pleasure of meeting Emily Potter. Her enthusiasm for what she does and how she helps clients is fantastic! It was a simple decision to refer her to a family member that was considering a home renovation project. The outstanding and positive feedback I received was amazing! Emily was able to guide them through the process of what it would take to complete the project within their budget. They were so happy with the quality of service and felt well looked after. I would highly recommend Emily to more people!

  • Gordon Jenkins

    I used the Fresh Network to find a project manager/builder to recommend to a family member. For me it was critical that a) the person was not just good at their job but also had a high level of integrity and b) introducing the person to my network is seen as valuedriven. Emily's work ethic is outstanding. Understanding the client needs, desired outcome and providing the confidence to put at ease any concerns have been amazing. Thank you Emily, you delivered where many before you couldn't.

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