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Binh Rey

Trade Mark Attorney | Brand Expert | Associate @ Baxter IP Baxter IP

Personal Profile

Binh Rey is a Trade Mark Attorney with a difference. Combining her 20 years experience is marketing and branding as well as her knowledge of trade mark law, she is able to help small to medium size businesses to protect their existing brand name or help them develop a new brand name that won't get them into infringement trouble in the future.

As a Trade Mark Attorney, Binh is able to offer the following services:

  1. Research the brand name to determine the likely success of the brand being able to be registered as a trademark.

      2. Application & registering trademarks in Australia and overseas.

      3. Help find a new brand name for trademarking.

      4. Help in enforcement strategies for registered trademark owners.

      5. Assist with brand structure strategies in regards to maximising protection

      6. Advise on trademarking strategies if the brand is to sell overseas

      7. Trademark dispute and opposition work

      8. If help is required to fix an existing trademark application, Binh can help!

If you care about your brand and you want to protect it so NO ONE ELSE can use it or you want to protect your brand sot that NO ONE ELSE can ask you NOT TO USE IT, then give Binh a call on 0402 731 288 and she will be able to help you decide if you need a trademark or not for your business.

Also, if you have an invention, Binh can not help you here, but her firm Baxter IP can help, as they have Patent Attorneys to assist with the protection of inventions!



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Fresh Profile

  • The services I provide are:

    Before starting any new business or product/services, please contact Binh Rey to discuss if you are able to legitimately use that brand without fear of trademark infringement (ie. you won't be sued for using the name in the market place)

    Remember: Company name, business name and domain name does not protect your brand or allow you to use that brand in the marketplace if there is a trademark registration established.

    Services offerred: 

    • Research whether a brand is available to be trademark protected or not
    • Trademark brand application and registration
    • Trademark protection strategies for your brand
    • Local and global searches for brand names- whether they are available for use without infringement fears
    • Trademark disputes and oppositions
    • Help find a new brand name for trademark protection if the brand you have decide upon is not available to be trademarked.
    • Trademark brand structure advice
    • Cease and desist trademark letters
    • Domain name disputes



  • How I can help Fresh members:

    Help Fresh members decide if they need trademark protection or not for their business, product or services brands. Happy to speak to Fresh members (no charge) what their risks are with their current brand.

  • The main business categories in my network are:

    Trade mark Attorney

    Trademark applications and registration agency

  • My target market is:

    Small to medium size business owners, who love their brands but do not know they are at risk of a third party copying their brand! They do not know that without a trademark registration, they are powerless to stop the other party from pretending to be them (without having to go to court straight away). A trademark registration gives the owner the legal rights to the brand. Of course, the business owner has to have the appetite to enforce their brand rights afforded by their registered trademark.

    I would love to meet business owners, without trademark protection, to discuss trademark whether they need a trademark or not. Trademark registration protection can be an asset to their business, they should not see it as just an expense.

    It's only $2,000+GST for 1 trademark in 1 class, protection is for 10 years, Works out to be about $200+GST per year to protect your brand. It's such a headache to be told you have to rebrand, and image the cost involved in re-branding. Give me a call anytime to discuss your brand protection.

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