Angelo Sirainni-Abbotsford

Angelo Sirainni

ACCOUNTANT Colledges Accountants and Advisors

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With experience across the business and a wide network of contacts, I am  often on the road visiting clients to ensure their operations are running smoothly, offering support and advice on a variety of issues.


When I joined Colledges in 2007, I brought  a wealth of automotive industry experience. With a Certificate IV qualification in Training and Assessment, and direct experience on Franchise Dealer operations and Finance and Dealer development, I provide specialist help with buying and selling dealerships, day to day operations, internal management reporting, ratio analysis, stock and unit value, and predictions for the future. With this knowledge,  I now extend this expertise to support clients across all industries.

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Fresh Profile

  • The services I provide are:

    Business and Management Advisory

    Accounting and Taxation Advice

    Business Planning and Strategy

    Business Growth Strategy

    Cash Flow Management

    Corporate Structures

    Compliance and Governance

    KPI and Business analysis

    Accounting Training 

    Virtual CFO and General Manager


  • How I can help Fresh members:

    Having been an accountant for over 30 years including significant time in multinational corporations I go beyond the number and look for the story and how to make the balance sheet work for the business. That is look for the upside to assist with growth and find the hidden issues that may curtail the growth.

    I can assist the business owner with frank and useful business advice, financial ratio and KPI analysis around the operations seeking that next opportunity.

    I enjoy the most though being the business owners virtual CFO or GM where they can discuss plans, ideas and scenarios to help with validation or just plainly say "No"!

    However I can assist with tax and compliance too, as this is key to the financial health of the business to ensure that it meets is obligations. It is part of a strong business.

    Ultimately, I am here to help clients meet their financial goals and compliance obligations! If that happens, the "Job done"!

  • The main business categories in my network are:

    Financial Planners

    Mortgage Brokers

    Commercial and Family Lawyers

    Automotive, retail and franchise businesses

    General Businesses

  • My target market is:

    Any business large or small or individual requiring frank and honest business, accounting and tax advice looking to grow their business. 

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