We Believe

Master networking is a core skill of the consummate and successful professional. We believe that if you are in business, learning to become a master networker should be high on your agenda.

Building, cultivating and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships creates a superstructure around you that can help you professionally and personally in almost every way you can think of and keep you balanced by giving back in kind.

The stronger your network, the greater the outcomes for you and those connected to you.

How We Roll

Our formal side

“Think Fresh First”. We’re focused on doing business together and expanding each other’s networks within a regular and structured meeting format. We monitor results in the group but there is no quota to be met, just come, contribute, learn and build deeper connections. Referrals will come naturally and you’ll also naturally want to refer to your hub mates.

Our informal side

Fresh, fun and flexible. We’re about having fun, keeping it fresh and unregimented. This means meeting structures can change based on what’s best for the group, new opportunities, and better ways to keep meetings useful and vibrant. We meet fortnightly to avoid the drudgery of weekly meetings but with enough connection to keep the hub moving forward.

Fresh Community

Rather than be tied to a single hub, Fresh fosters a community of cross hub interaction to further extend your business and personal relationships. We regularly host various social activities so that you can get to know other members in a fun environment. We also recognise the need to give back to the community. Fresh supports and donates to charities such as Lungitude and Beyond Blue.


Using internal and external experts (or those aspiring to be!) we keep it Fresh by providing information that empowers and invites member participation and action. We are also focussed on building your networking skills.

What We Value

Generosity – A mentality of giving, supporting and serving first with your time, talent and advice. Networking isn’t about selling.

Teamwork – Building your hub team to support you and your teammates efforts to help you reach your respective goals.

Professional Growth – Learn to become a master networker, and tap into educational opportunities to help you grow your business and enhance your business skills and knowledge.

Personal Growth – To add to your growth and success, by being challenged, excited and exposed to opportunities that help bring out the best in you.

Community – Forging bonds and sharing your business growth journey with other business owners who share common interests and objectives.

His Royal Freshness, Himself

Darren Kelk is the founder of Fresh and he is really an all-round good guy. He just eats a bit too much chocolate and is a tyrant when the tiara comes out. “Get to your room!” is his favourite catch cry. Make sure to move aside when the red carpet rolls out.

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