A FRESH APPROACH TO NETWORKINGMore connections, less blah!

Why Business Owners Want to Get Fresh

Fresh Networking was founded on the premise that businesses will flourish when the focus is on relationship building in a supportive and fun environment. Fresh is not a stuffy, boring, regimented or forced system of providing referrals.

To be part of Fresh is to be part of a community of business owners that are focused on expanding their networks, personal and professional growth in a fun, educational and empowering environment.

205 Members
4,024 Referrals
$10,161,173 Referred Sales
$33,246 Donated to Charity

Be our guest, jump on Zoom (or should we say online) and let’s get Fresh!

Due to Covid-19 all Fresh hubs are operating meetings via Zoom. Please register via the Eventbrite link to be sent an invitation to your preferred meeting.

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How We Are Different

As a member, you'll hold the sole position for your business category within a hub. This means you are in a non-competitive environment that fosters greater collaboration and teamwork toward shared objectives. Your hub team will support you, refer business and make introductions to expand your network. And it doesn't stop there. You are free to cross hub collaborate for even more connections.

While referred business is a key outcome of Fresh networking, there are no quota systems that enforce referral.

Inspirational Leaders
Stand out from the crowd
Personal and Professional Development
Focused but relaxed
Fun not Rigid
Build your referral network
Success Stories

Since joining Fresh Networking I’ve formed many great business relationships which has led to a huge increase in referrals and new business for Axiom IT.

Tas Gray


When it comes to networking, it’s usually the same old boring format and it feels awkward. Fresh truly lives up to its name. The people are approachable, proactive and the vibe is relaxed. Credit to you Darren and the team for starting something amazing. Keep it up!

Irwin Hau

I feel there’s just such a wonderful dynamic balance in Fresh between the more practical, educational and business side of networking combined with the enjoyable and very personal side that every business owner brings to the group!

Ariana Friend

I joined Fresh on a promise that it would become a great hub to meet other likeminded businesses all looking to grow together. It has certainly become that and so much more. Every second Tuesday I get to meet a group of friends all self-employed and willing to share their successes and difficulties and looking to improve their business and themselves. With a mix of financial and property, health and wellbeing, marketing and business coaching, recruitment and profiling and travel and entertainment based businesses, there is a complementary network for anyone considering joining. I highly recommend a visit to any of the Fresh networking groups throughout Melbourne!

The fun and encouraging atmosphere developed in the Fresh group is an absolute stand out feature and defiantly one of the factors seeing Aussie Home Loans – South Yarra go from one, to a team of five within a year of being open and 8 months after joining Fresh Networking. Having to fortnightly refine your introduction, learn in-depth about a showcase member and also getting a chance to interact with other likeminded business people is invaluable for any business looking to start or go to the next level and has certainly done that for us.

Sana Hosseini

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